Choosing the right business school is a critical part of your business school decision making process.  The Economist’s online fairs provide prospective students with the chance to interact with the schools in a convenient online format, and gain insight to help make more informed choices about your school selection process.

The Economist’s three days of business school fairs kicks off this week in November.  The first fair, which focuses on full-time MBA programs, will be held on November 9th and 10th.  The second fair, dedicated to executive MBAs, will take place on November 11th.

Participants will meet MBA admissions officers from programs around the world and gain insight into the MBA experience by chatting with alumni, watching webinars and videos, and downloading resources.

Both fairs provide a unique opportunity for prospective students to interact with admissions officers from schools around the world.  Fair attendees will also be able to speak with alumni from those schools to better understand daily life as a student.  Visitors can watch Bill Ridgers, The Economist’s Business Education Editor, interview full-time and executive MBA alumni in a taped panel discussion.

Interested participants can log on to the fair from anywhere.  Bonus is that applicants can register for free below.  Check it out!

Sign up free or learn more at:

For a chance to win a free iPad 2, sign up at the link above and visit five or more business school booths during the MBA fair on November 9th-10th.

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Announcing The Economist’s Executive MBA Fairs: September 21st & 22nd

The Economist’s Which MBA? MBA Fair, which were held online on September 7th and 8th, provided inside access to admissions officers from business schools all over the United States and the world, including Canada, the UK, Australia and Singapore. Webinars addressed how application decisions are made, provided application tips and discussed how non-US students could maximize the value of an MBA from a US institution. Chat sessions covered financial aid, grants, GMAT preparation and career resources.

Admissions officers, professors, students and alumni were available to answer questions and address the concerns of MBA candidates. Several organizations offered free downloads such as career guides, GMAT tips, scholarship information and links to resources. Anyone who visited five or more exhibitor booths was entered into a free draw for an iPad 2.

Visitors found “a good amount of information regarding MBA admissions, courses and career prospects” and wrote “this is an amazing event” noting that they were “looking forward to the next online fair.”

The next online MBA fair focuses on Executive MBA programs, for professionals with over 5 years of experience considering an Executive MBA structure. Participating universities are located throughout the US, the UK, Sweden and France.  Sign up free at for The Economist’s Which MBA? Executive MBA Fair, online on September 21st and 22nd.

Stay informed about online fairs from The Economist by liking us on Facebook:!/pages/Online-Fairs-The-Economist/173021752729104

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Virtual Fairs: A Convenient Way to Discover MBA Programs; Register for The Economist’s Free “Which MBA?” MBA Fair (on Sept. 7th & 8th)

You may already know that business school is a great opportunity to learn new skills, advance your career and increase your salary.  But how do you know which business school is right for you?  An online fair provides a great opportunity for participants to meet admissions officers, learn more about the business schools they are interested in, and join webinars with MBA experts — all from the convenience of their own home or office computer.

Here are some helpful tips, from our friends at The Economist, on how to make the most out of your MBA virtual fair experience:

  1. Prepare: Plan what you would like business schools to know about you, and do some research on the schools you want to speak with.  Although you can gather everything you need to know at the fair, admissions officers will be impressed with those who have done their homework.  Avoid asking questions about basic facts that can be found in school profiles.
  1. Prioritize: To make the most of these live events, focus on what you believe are the most important aspects of your business school experience: class size, location, team work, diversity, teaching style, student life, etc.  Finding out more about these key issues will help you figure out which program most closely matches your goals and preferences.
  1. Leverage all opportunities: Fair attendees should make sure to leverage all opportunities available to them during the event.  In addition to the information available in each school’s virtual booth, most fairs offer numerous other features.  Some fairs ask schools to bring along alumni and current students who can speak to participants directly about the everyday challenges and rewards of attending their school.  Some fairs also have webinars or videos offering advice on admissions and the MBA experience.
  1. Explore and enjoy yourself: Virtual fairs give you an unprecedented opportunity to meet admissions officers, students and alumni around the world.  The knowledge you will gather at this event can help you make an informed decision on the right program for you.  Make the most of your experience and above all else, enjoy it!

The Economist’s Which MBA? MBA Fair, online on September 7th and 8th, provides inside access to diverse full-time business schools from all over the world. At the fair you can:

  • Talk with admissions officers, current MBA students and alumni
  • View webinars and videos with advice from MBA experts
  • Attend topical chat sessions about student life and special programs
  • Download brochures, videos and school applications

 Prospective MBA applicants can sign up for free here

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Announcing Dates for the 2011 FORTÉ FORUMS

This fall, the Forté Foundation is coming to cities across the United States and London with our Forum series, a premier event specifically for women pursuing their MBA.  Top women business leaders share candid advice drawn from their own career experiences. They’ll be joined by admissions officers from the top MBA schools, who will answer questions and give advice about the admissions process.

The event includes plenty of time to mingle with corporate and school representatives for one-on-one networking opportunities.

The 2011 Forté Forum schedule of events is as follows:

  • Sept. 13, Los Angeles (Registration deadline: Sept. 8)
  • Sept. 14, San Francisco (Registration deadline: Sept. 8)
  • Sept. 15, Houston (Registration deadline: Sept. 8)
  • Sept. 19, New York City I (Registration deadline: Sept. 15)
  • Sept. 20, New York City II. (Registration deadline: Sept. 15)
  • Sept. 26, Atlanta (Registration deadline: Sept. 21)
  • Sept. 27, Washington, D.C. (Registration deadline: Sept. 21)
  • Sept. 28, Boston (Registration deadline: Sept. 21)
  • Sept. 29, Chicago (Registration deadline: Sept. 21)
  • Oct. 4, London (Registration deadline: Sept. 29)

To register for any of these events, visit


Interact virtually and experience our online resources for women considering pursuing an MBA—Visit to learn more about our Podcast series, upcoming Forum webinars and Pre-MBA blog.


The Forté Foundation is dedicated to encouraging women to pursue careers in business leadership by providing access to information, scholarships and networking opportunities. Forté is backed by 27 leading corporations, 39 top business schools in the U.S. and abroad, and The Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC®).

For more information, contact Forté at

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Apply in the Sky Sponsoring the 2011 SBC Challenge… Two Winners Will Receive Scholarship Packages Valued at $11,000!

SBC LogoOur team at Apply in the Sky is excited to announce our participation in the 2011 Stacy Blackman Consulting Challenge.

The SBC Challenge was created in order to award two deserving MBA applicants with a set of tools that will enhance their chances of being admitted to a top business school. As part of this, SBC will be giving two lucky winners packages valued at over $11,000. Winning packages will include a premium test prep course, personalized SBC consulting services, and other tools, including premium access to Apply in the Sky’s online workspace to organize and simplify business school applications across MBA programs.

People who apply for the SBC Challenge must meet the following requirements:

– Have finished college, or in their final year of college;
– Plan to apply to business school in order to enroll in 2012.

This competition is open to international candidates.

Please submit applications online by July 20, 2011.

To learn more, visit:

Good Luck!

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Announcing The Forté Foundation’s 2011 MBA Women’s Conference: June 10-11, 2011

It’s time again for Forté’s annual MBA Women’s Conference.   The Forté Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works to inspire future women business leaders, invites all women who are joining the class of 2013 at a Forté sponsor school to attend!

Each year I look forward to this amazing event because the women in attendance represent a return on the investment of Forté and its partnering schools and companies. It’s the culmination of months or possibly years of introspection, inspiration, and research leading you to the business school of your choice.  And while the Forté conference is both a satisfying conclusion of that process it’s the start of yet another journey—your MBA career.

Our conference theme is Breaking Through: Courageous Strategies for Extraordinary Leadership. What makes a remarkable woman business leader? What kind of preparation do you need to lead, make a difference, have an impact?

While you can read all about the conference on the website, my goal is to convey to you the genuine importance and extraordinary benefits of joining us. It’s just two days, but the impact will be far reaching. So often women don’t make the time for critical events like this, but the truth is these opportunities to network, build skills, and invest in yourself don’t come along very often.

Forté hosts this conference so you can explore career opportunities at companies early on in the MBA cycle. If you’re just beginning the MBA journey, it’s a chance to figure out what career path is right for you.  At the same time, you’ll develop critical leadership skills through our professional development sessions. And finally, you’ll have a head start on other MBAs out there.

Very few opportunities like this exist for MBA women. And because you have been admitted into a Forté sponsor school you are exclusively invited to take advantage of this one.

I encourage you to make the time for this important conference and kick off your MBA career in grand style. If you’ve already registered, block your calendars and visit this blog regularly for the latest conference news; and if you haven’t – then make the commitment to be with us and register today!

Elissa Sangster
Executive Director, Forté Foundation

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Stanford GSB to Accept MBA Applications via Twitter

stanford gsb+twitterIn a sign of the growing influence of social media on the world, the Stanford Graduate School of Business announced today that it would be accepting applications to its prestigious MBA program via Twitter for the 2011-2012 application season.   The unprecedented move is designed to help applicants focus on what is most important in their pursuit of an MBA and to reaffirm Stanford’s position as a technology leader.  According to Director of Admissions Sally Laerton, “Stanford has always been at the forefront of emerging trends in technology and we feel that Twitter is the perfect way for us to find and identify our ideal candidates.  Applicants must now truly reflect on the MBA path and articulate their thoughts with very limited space.”  Laerton noted that the trend towards simplification in everything from websites to smart phones was also a key factor in the decision.

Perhaps the most controversial and potentially difficult part of the new policy will be answering Stanford’s essay questions, which are limited to two Tweets apiece.  With the requirement to begin each essay Tweet with Stanford’s username and the question number hashtag (i.e. “@GSB #q1”), applicants are left with only 132 characters per Tweet or 264 total to answer each question.  This is a stark reduction from the current allowance of 750 words per essay.  However, all is not lost as Stanford will allow the use of common texting abbreviations such as “R”, “U” and “LOL”.  They will also be introducing a new set of texting shortcuts based on the most common phrases that appear in their applications.  For example, the shortcut “ISHSTPFF” can now be substituted for “I single-handedly saved the project from failure.”  Other abbreviations will be revealed in time for the next application season.

With Stanford’s influence in the MBA space, it will only be a matter of time before other heavyweights like HBS and Wharton follow suit, adding their own nuances as they try to differentiate their policies.  This could be the start of a brand new era in MBA admissions.  Our advice to prospective applicants is to get on Twitter (if you aren’t already) and grab as many followers as you can find.  And for those Twitter experts out there that think they’ve spotted a loophole in the new policy, think again– links will not be accepted.

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