Virtual Fairs: A Convenient Way to Discover MBA Programs; Register for The Economist’s Free “Which MBA?” MBA Fair (on Sept. 7th & 8th)

You may already know that business school is a great opportunity to learn new skills, advance your career and increase your salary.  But how do you know which business school is right for you?  An online fair provides a great opportunity for participants to meet admissions officers, learn more about the business schools they are interested in, and join webinars with MBA experts — all from the convenience of their own home or office computer.

Here are some helpful tips, from our friends at The Economist, on how to make the most out of your MBA virtual fair experience:

  1. Prepare: Plan what you would like business schools to know about you, and do some research on the schools you want to speak with.  Although you can gather everything you need to know at the fair, admissions officers will be impressed with those who have done their homework.  Avoid asking questions about basic facts that can be found in school profiles.
  1. Prioritize: To make the most of these live events, focus on what you believe are the most important aspects of your business school experience: class size, location, team work, diversity, teaching style, student life, etc.  Finding out more about these key issues will help you figure out which program most closely matches your goals and preferences.
  1. Leverage all opportunities: Fair attendees should make sure to leverage all opportunities available to them during the event.  In addition to the information available in each school’s virtual booth, most fairs offer numerous other features.  Some fairs ask schools to bring along alumni and current students who can speak to participants directly about the everyday challenges and rewards of attending their school.  Some fairs also have webinars or videos offering advice on admissions and the MBA experience.
  1. Explore and enjoy yourself: Virtual fairs give you an unprecedented opportunity to meet admissions officers, students and alumni around the world.  The knowledge you will gather at this event can help you make an informed decision on the right program for you.  Make the most of your experience and above all else, enjoy it!

The Economist’s Which MBA? MBA Fair, online on September 7th and 8th, provides inside access to diverse full-time business schools from all over the world. At the fair you can:

  • Talk with admissions officers, current MBA students and alumni
  • View webinars and videos with advice from MBA experts
  • Attend topical chat sessions about student life and special programs
  • Download brochures, videos and school applications

 Prospective MBA applicants can sign up for free here

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5 Responses to Virtual Fairs: A Convenient Way to Discover MBA Programs; Register for The Economist’s Free “Which MBA?” MBA Fair (on Sept. 7th & 8th)

  1. Ahelena says:

    Всем привет!
    Помогите пожайлуста где найти недорогого посредника или контору для покупки товаров из Америки, Германии.
    Таких магазинов как carters, chibo, ebay, amazon и другие.
    Интересует выкуп одежды, взрослая и детская, обувь и иногда техники (наушники, смартфоны, айпады, mp3 плееры айподы), я раньше выкупала через посредника, но он к сожалению по семейным обстоятельствам не может больше этим заниматься (:

    Может быть я бы и сама возможно этим занялась, но это вникать в Paypal, доставка и тд… для меня это сложно ))
    Мне нужен выкуп за небольшой процент т.к. я занимаюсь торговлей, соответственно нет посредника нет работы (
    Напишите пожайлуста здесь в теме или киньте в ЛС, буду очень благодарна
    Заранее спасибо

    P.S. упс.. извините если ошиблась разделом, я впервые на этом форуме не ругайте меня.

  2. Alekssander says:

    Привет всем.
    Такая ситуация, достраиваем дачу одному бизнесмену, до нового года нужно срочно доделать всю строительную работу и приступить к внутренним.
    По плану, нам требуется 3 входных качественных двери и 44 межкомнатных.
    Подскажите нормальную фирму где купить что бы без кидалова получилось и со скидочкой ). Доставить можем их сами, проблем с грузовами автомобилями нет.
    На форум захожу не часто может если знаете нормальную контору
    напишите мне на емейл
    буду очень благодарен.
    Заранее спасибо

  3. AnikkiaRit says:

    пока регистрация

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