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Dinged by your top choice: Research says your prospects are still good!

Here’s an interesting academic paper (also reviewed in yesterday’s New York Times) that should cheer up those of us who didn’t get into their top choice program. The paper, by Stacy Dale of Mathematica Policy Research and Alan B. Krueger … Continue reading

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What is Groupon really worth?

Everyone’s talking about it. It’s the hot new company that everyone wants to date… err join. Groupon is the next Facebook, so say the experts. A rumored Google offer at $6 billion was turned down, and the latest rumor has … Continue reading

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International applicants have a hard time getting into b-school

Sad but true, data shows that international applicants have a relatively harder time getting into MBA programs than other applicants. Taking data from 45 top U.S. MBA programs (as ranked by Businessweek), we compared the percentage of internationals among MBA … Continue reading

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Finding a program that fits your learning style

Enjoying your classes, and truly learning from them is an important part of the MBA experience.  Yet somehow we don’t think about it until we’re actually sitting in a class and wondering why we’re not as enthralled as we had … Continue reading

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Data versus Myth: Do women have an advantage in MBA admissions?

Here’s a myth that haunts the hallways and classrooms of many a business school… Do women get an unfair advantage when it comes to MBA admissions? I’ve certainly heard it, and not necessarily said disparagingly.  Back when I was applying … Continue reading

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