Announcing The Forté Foundation’s 2011 MBA Women’s Conference: June 10-11, 2011

It’s time again for Forté’s annual MBA Women’s Conference.   The Forté Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works to inspire future women business leaders, invites all women who are joining the class of 2013 at a Forté sponsor school to attend!

Each year I look forward to this amazing event because the women in attendance represent a return on the investment of Forté and its partnering schools and companies. It’s the culmination of months or possibly years of introspection, inspiration, and research leading you to the business school of your choice.  And while the Forté conference is both a satisfying conclusion of that process it’s the start of yet another journey—your MBA career.

Our conference theme is Breaking Through: Courageous Strategies for Extraordinary Leadership. What makes a remarkable woman business leader? What kind of preparation do you need to lead, make a difference, have an impact?

While you can read all about the conference on the website, my goal is to convey to you the genuine importance and extraordinary benefits of joining us. It’s just two days, but the impact will be far reaching. So often women don’t make the time for critical events like this, but the truth is these opportunities to network, build skills, and invest in yourself don’t come along very often.

Forté hosts this conference so you can explore career opportunities at companies early on in the MBA cycle. If you’re just beginning the MBA journey, it’s a chance to figure out what career path is right for you.  At the same time, you’ll develop critical leadership skills through our professional development sessions. And finally, you’ll have a head start on other MBAs out there.

Very few opportunities like this exist for MBA women. And because you have been admitted into a Forté sponsor school you are exclusively invited to take advantage of this one.

I encourage you to make the time for this important conference and kick off your MBA career in grand style. If you’ve already registered, block your calendars and visit this blog regularly for the latest conference news; and if you haven’t – then make the commitment to be with us and register today!

Elissa Sangster
Executive Director, Forté Foundation

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1 Response to Announcing The Forté Foundation’s 2011 MBA Women’s Conference: June 10-11, 2011

  1. Best wishes for a successful 2012 conference. May we suggest a couple of resources that may be of interest to you? One is an awesome keynote speaker who is much in demand for women’s conferences like yours (we can provide no-obligation). And the other is the “Theme Ideas Handbook,” with more than 600 theme ideas for conferences. (

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