Don’t Panic Fridays: No time to apply Round 1

It’s almost the weekend, and we know you want to set aside those business school applications, take a break, and have some fun. So every Friday we make it our mission to give you a reason not to panic.

Today’s topic: No time to apply Round 1.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already October and many schools are getting ready to close up their first round of applications — some, in fact, already have.  So naturally some of you will be worrying about whether you’ll even manage to finish all your applications in time.

Don’t panic.

If you don’t have time to finish all your applications by the Round 1 deadline, don’t charge ahead in a last-minute scramble where you risk making foolish mistakes or submitting sub-par applications.  Instead, decide what applications you can reasonably finish during the remaining time, and save the rest for Round 2.

There truly is no difference in acceptance rates between Round 1 and Round 2, so you’re not hurting your chances of getting into your target schools.  On the contrary, you’re increasing them by giving yourself time to pull together better applications.

If possible, you may want to try to submit your top choices first, so that if you find out you were accepted before the Round 2 deadline for your back-up schools, you can save yourself some application fees.  But either way, it’s still worth breaking up your applications between Round 1 and Round 2.

So don’t worry, and have a good weekend!

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