MBA’s and Start-Ups… Friends or Foes?

Interested in working at a start-up?  Ever questioned the value of an MBA for a career in entrepreneurship?

We’re opening up the discussion on the Business Week forums, and we’ll try our best to answer all your questions.  Join the conversation!

If you’ve been following the MBA-related news over the past few weeks, you might have noticed a controversy emerging… Do MBA programs hold any value for aspiring entrepreneurs?

For a quick primer on the two opposing views, look no further than these two excellent articles on Poets & Quants:

The controversy, of course, is hardly new, and it’s not surprising.  Entrepreneurship and business school on the surface represent two starkly opposing approaches to life and careers. Where entrepreneurship requires a tolerance for risk and the ability to make quick decisions based on limited information, business school advocates planning and making highly thought-out decisions based on facts, theories, and analysis.  Where a successful entrepreneur might be just a college kid in T-shirts and Chucks working from her basement, the successful MBA grad often evokes images of a polished banker-type with a corner office and what was recently described to me in business school as “an executive presence” — a term that would make many a tech geek cringe.

Yet when you look a little further there is a far greater intersection between the two arenas than one might expect.  Business schools are filled with aspiring entrepreneurs looking for practical skills to market their products and raise funding.  And entrepreneurs often look to MBA graduates to fill managerial positions once they reach a certain scale.

So why the controversy?  And finally, who’s right?

We’re not going to try to answer this here, but instead we’re opening up the discussion on the Business Week forums.  After all, here at Apply in the Sky our whole team is comprised of current and former business school students, now working on a start-up, so you can trust that we’ll have a lot of opinions and thoughts to share — in support of both camps.

So please ask us all your most pressing questions on business school and entrepreneurship, and we’ll do our best to answer.

Click here to join the conversation.

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