Manic Monday: Revisit your resume

It’s just another manic Monday, and now that you’ve had the weekend to chill out and have a little fun, we want to help you get a good fresh start on your applications.

Today’s topic: Revisit your resume.

Especially if you’re applying Round 1 and have been deep in the essay-writing process for the past several weeks, it’s a good idea to take a break and revisit your resume instead.

Your resume is like a snap-shot of your professional persona.  It shows your educational and career path to date, and from it an outside observer can probably infer many of your interests and also your goals.  So take a close look at it again.

After weeks of introspection and essay writing, you might feel differently about certain aspects of it.  You might want to switch things around, highlight certain aspects of yourself more, or deemphasize others.  Don’t discount your resume — it’s a key part of your application and you need to make sure that it’s well-tailored to the image you want to project as an applicant.

Plus, if you’re stuck on other portions of your applications, revisiting what brought you to this point in life might give you some bright new ideas.

Have a good week!

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