Manic Monday: Switch it up

It’s just another manic Monday, and now that you’ve had the weekend to chill out and have a little fun, we want to help you get a good fresh start on your applications.

Today’s topic: Switch it up.

As you may have read recently on the New York Times, a recent study is challenging many of our traditional beliefs about good study habits.  Their findings?  Order and consistency are not always your best allies.

Instead, your memory and recall are best served by following these perhaps unorthodox stratergies:

  1. Alternate your study environments
  2. Mix up the content
  3. Space out your study sessions
  4. Self test repeatedly

So if you feel like you’ve hit a plateau with your GMAT prep, shake things up a tad.  Try studying at a coffee shop rather than in your room; alternate between verbal, math, and essay writing; take a break for a day; and yes, keep taking those practice tests.

And don’t feel like this advice applies only to test prep.  Research shows that our brains respond positively to variety, so these strategies should help with your essay writing and other portions of your applications too.

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