Manic Monday: Do a practice interview

It’s just another manic Monday, and now that you’ve had the weekend to chill out and have a little fun, we want to help you get a good fresh start on your applications.

Today’s topic: Do a practice interview.

It may feel early, especially if you’re not applying 1st round… But really, it’s never too early to start prepping for your interviews.

So grab a trusted friend, and get them to ask you a few questions about your career path to date, why you want to go to business school, and what your longer-term goals are.  It’s sometimes difficult to treat a practice interview with a friend like the real thing, but do your best to take it seriously and then ask them to give you some candid feedback.  If you’re really brave, use a webcam to see your performance for yourself.

Not only will this improve your message and delivery for when those interviews finally happen, but by forcing you to think on the fly, it might even trigger some new ideas for what to write on your application essays.

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2 Responses to Manic Monday: Do a practice interview

  1. Aaron Foss says:

    Even better: find a friend that is an alum. Make certain to ask him/her if you are hitting on topics that will win points with current students at your target institutions (many of whom will be your interviewers). Remember, student interviewers will be your future classmates and will want to bring in people with whom they would otherwise want to associate.

    • Chiara says:

      Great point! And when you do get into an MBA program, remember to return the favor by making yourself available to other applicants who would like to try a practice interview for your school.

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