Don’t Panic Fridays: School rankings

It’s almost the weekend, and we know you want to set aside those business school applications, take a break, and have some fun. So every Friday we make it our mission to give you a reason not to panic.

Today’s topic: School rankings.

It’s an easy trap to fall into… choosing a school based on its rankings on publications like BusinessWeek, Forbes, or The Economist.  Or, on the flip side, fretting because you don’t think you can get into a “top 10” school.

Don’t panic.

MBA rankings aren’t everything. If fact, as Bschool Admissions Formula eloquently puts it “in a list of criteria upon which you should base your list of schools, rankings… barely make the top 5.”  Not to mention, the many significant discrepancies between different rankings (Tuck — #2 on Forbes and #12 on BusinessWeek? Why?) make them confusing  indicators at best.

So stop worrying about rankings and focus instead on what school is right for you. Consider location, class size, teaching methodology, and look for places that specialize in the disciplines that interest you career-wise.  Find a place with a culture you can relate to, and where you’ll be happy to study, network and learn.  Because that, more than any number on a page, will ensure that you make the most of your next two years in business school, and end up with the job of your dreams on the other end.

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