Manic Monday: Prepare an info package for your recommenders

It’s just another manic Monday, and now that you’ve had the weekend to chill out and have a little fun, we want to help you get a good fresh start on your applications.

Today’s topic: Prepare an info package for your recommenders.

It’s tough… going to your super-busy bosses asking them to take time out of their crammed schedules to write not one, but maybe five, recommendations for different schools, all of which want to know slightly different things about you.

Well, here’s something to make it easier.

While it goes without saying that you should not try to inappropriately influence what goes into your recommendations, it’s perfectly fair to provide your recommenders with a compact reference package to help them write their letters.  Make sure to include the recommendation questions required by each school, as well as all relevant deadlines.  Also include your resume, some highlights from the work you’ve done with them, and key qualities that you would like to highlight for each school.

They will certainly appreciate the help.  Plus, it demonstrates that you are considerate of their time and schedules — and good impression = better recommendation!

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