Don’t Panic Fridays: No time to apply 1st Round

It’s almost the weekend, and we know you want to set aside those business school applications, take a break, and have some fun. So every Friday we make it our mission to give you a reason not to panic.

Today’s topic: No time to apply 1st Round.

So the earliest among the 1st Round deadlines are coming up in little more than a month, and maybe you’re stressed out, wondering if you have time to apply, considering maybe you haven’t even taken the GMAT. And yet, you’ve been told that your chances of acceptance are better first round… What to do?

Don’t panic.

Time after time, admissions committees will emphasize that there is no real advantage to applying Round 1. Yes, Round 3 is risky, but Round 2 is absolutely fine and really no different from Round 1.

And remember, the best time to apply is always when you’re ready. Give yourself the time you need to prepare the best application possible. Because no matter what anybody says, that’s what’s going to give you the best odds of getting into the your target schools.

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2 Responses to Don’t Panic Fridays: No time to apply 1st Round

  1. MBAgirl says:

    ugh! i get so stressed thinking about application deadlines… haven’t even started properly writing my essays yet since work has been so busy. and i still worry that round 1 is the best way to go even though i know i won’t be ready. :(

    • Chiara says:

      Don’t worry about it — Round 2 is really fine. The way I look at it, yes maybe your odds are a tiny bit better in Round 1, but that’s also when the super-committed super-diligent people apply, so the applicant pool is very qualified. There are less of those in Round 2, so it all evens out. :)

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