Manic Monday: Jump-start your essays by ignoring them

It’s just another manic Monday, and now that you’ve had the weekend to chill out and have a little fun, we want to help you get a good fresh start on your applications.

Today’s topic: Jump-start your essays by ignoring them.

Okay… well you only get to ignore them for a little while. But if you’ve been having trouble figuring out what to write, it’s time to stop staring blankly at those essay topics and focus on something else instead.

Update your resume, or start filling out your background information in your applications. Doing so will force you to think about your past experiences, old jobs, forgotten bosses, that great mentor who taught you to step up and lead a team, that one big project where you really proved yourself, that conflict with a colleague that taught you the importance of communication…

You’ll see, before you know it, a wealth of great essay ideas will come flooding into your head.

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