Business School Applications Trending Down?

Well here’s a piece of good news we haven’t heard in a while!

According to BusinessWeek, after three years of steady growth in applications, MBA programs are seeing the first hints of a decline.

What? — you say. People are submitting their applications already?

Okay, so the early birds might already have hit “submit” if schools like Wharton and Haas are already reporting on application trends.  But look on the bright side!

Declining applications typically means higher acceptance rates, since most schools don’t dramatically change their class sizes year over year.  Last year, when the Apply in the Sky team was applying to business school, we would have been thrilled to hear such news.  But no such luck back then; just article upon article about the increasing competition to get into MBA programs.

And this bodes well even if you’re not sure whether you do want to go to business school, since it might indicate that the job market is finally starting to make a long-overdue recovery. And we all love options, don’t we?

See the full BusinessWeek report here.

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