Are you feeling a little stir-crazy in that cubicle? Are you beginning to wonder where your career path is headed?  Sure, you can always sit tight, work hard, and keep climbing up that ladder… but is it maybe time for a change? And if so, is the thought of business school gradually taking hold inside your head?

If so, please allow us to introduce ourselves…

Here at Apply in the Sky, we’re just like you.  We’re not admissions consultants, we haven’t served on MBA admissions committees, and we don’t even think that business school is right for everybody.  But we have been through the MBA application process, and grappled with the same questions that you’re probably dealing with right now.  Trust us, we know what you’re going through, and we’re here to help. Which is why we created Apply in the Sky.

Apply in the — what?

Apply in the Sky is an online venture dedicated to bringing order and peace of mind to the stressful, disjointed and sometimes downright nerve-racking, business school admissions process. It provides the very first online project management solution to help applicants organize and stay on top of the process – across schools – from start to finish.

The idea for Apply in the Sky was born as yours truly (Chiara & Emily: friends, co-founders, ex-business school applicants, and constant partners in crime) were taking a break from writing our MBA admissions essays to kvetch about the application process over Thai food and a couple of drinks.  Sure, we always expected it to be stressful, but we hadn’t fully anticipated what it would mean to write dozens of essays, prep for GMATs, chase down recommendation letters, and keep track of countless deadlines and to-dos — all with nothing more than a few loose notes and Excel spreadsheets to manage it all.

In a world where there seems to be a proverbial “app” for just about everything, we couldn’t help but wonder: Why, in so crucial a process as applying to business school, was there nothing that could make our lives just a little bit easier? Aren’t picking a career path, choosing the right school, and assembling the best possible application, all demanding enough as it is?

Finding no satisfactory answer to that question, we determined to take it upon ourselves to provide the world with a better alternative.  Thus Apply in the Sky was born.

At Apply in the Sky we’re committed to providing innovative tech-based solutions that facilitate all life’s big turning points, starting with the business school application process. In the future, who knows where else we’ll go…

We’re super excited to launch Apply in the Sky this fall, just in time for the 2010-2011 MBA application season.

In the meantime, do make sure to check out our blog regularly. Our mission here is to provide a fresh perspective and advice on the MBA application process, as well as our own musings on business school, careers, and life’s big decisions.  We’ll also keep you posted on all that’s going on in our company, including new features, product launches, and all the crazy new product ideas that are already brewing in our heads.

We hope you’ll enjoy our offering!

Emily & Chiara

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